...we are waiting

why i am a shia muslim

...we are waiting

why i am a shia muslim

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In The Name Of God

Janes`s Writings

In Jane`s holy book is written that: “ at the time that the world will be full of corruption, discadence and ruination, a complete person that is called “ tirtenger” that means avengeler, will appear & eliminates the ruination & appoints the purity & clearance again.


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In The Name of GOD

(Holy Quran with english translation (PDF

Holy Quran Book

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In The Name Of God of jesus and muhammad and moses

Nahjul Balagha Book

Nahj-ol-Balaghah: A book gathering eternal quotations, speeches, and letters by the first leader after the great prophet of Islam (in Shia`s belief), gathered by Sayyed Rathi (4th century A.H.). It contains various monotheistic, social, political, and axiomatic and advisory issues.


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In The Name of god of jesus and muhammad and mosesmoses.      

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Omary as his deputy for a while. He was from his paternal tribe and was the reliable person to him. Imam through him answered the shi’ites questions. After Othman Ibn-e Sa’eed, his son Mohammad Ibn-e Othman Omary was appointed as Imam’s deputy. When he passed away, Abul Qasim Hossein Ibn-e Ruh Nobakhti was Imam’s special deputy, and after him, Ali Ibn_e Mohammad Samary was Imam’s deputy. Some days before Samary’s death (Which occurred in 329 AH), Imam informed him that he would die during 6-day- time after which there would be no other chance for the other person to be Imam’s next deputy. Besides, It was mentioned that the Major occultation would occur and it period would last until the day on which God would permit it to be ended and Imam would manifest. According to above decree Imam Zaman (May God hasten his glad advent)’s occultation is divided into two parts: The Minor Occultation, which started from 260 A.H and ended in 329 A.H and it lasted about seventy years. The Major Occultation, which started from 329 A.H and will last as long as God desires. One of the human’s psychological whishes and desires is hoping to have a brighter future filled with the happiness and success. To hope for a brighter and better future is not enough either. It has been created on the basis of a special aim and motivation and it is not exclusively restricted to the special nation or a tribe and it is a universal issue for which the people all around the world wish and seek. As a psychological principle, this matter exists among all the men and nations and can not be denied. The Islam religion has organized human’s innate instincts and it guides them to the special path so that they can go through the Divine perfection and will be immune from any deviation. Therefore; waiting and hoping for the better future is a constant reason for one’s perfection and it has been always advised by Islam. Islam religion advises all of the Muslims to follow the righteous guidance because the happiness and prosperity of mankind is only possible under the shadow of the Islamic government. Outside Masjid Sahla (Kufa, Iraq). The 12th Imam [a] is said to frequent this mosque IMAM MAHDI’S VIATICUM AND RETURN ACCORDING TO THE ISLAMIC NARRATIONS There are some narrations about Imam Mahdi’s viaticum and return (from the Holy Prophet (SW) and the other innocent Imams). The honorable Holy Prophet (SW) states: “The best deed of my followers is to wait for Imam’s advent which is God’s demand.” Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) states: “ Who ever dies among you while waiting for Imam’s advent is like the one who has been with Imam in his camp.” In some of the Islamic narrations, waiting has been accompanied with patience and resistance. This means that the ones, who are waiting for Imam, must be tolerant and resistant during the period of Major Occultation. By searching in these narrations one would realize that the term “ waiting “ does not mean that one must behave indifferently and obey the wrong-doers, but it rather is the motivation for effort, resistance against the deviations, cruelties and unfairness. The Holy Prophet (SW)states: “ Waiting along with patience and resistance shall be considered as praying.” Inside Maqam Sahib al-Zamaan [a] THE WAITING FOR RELIEF AND TO STRIVE ALONG WITH THE FAIR VIRTUE AND TO AVOID FROM THE SIN Some of the Islamic narrations are on waiting along with striving, good manner and fair virtue. We realize (from the contents of these narrations) that those who are really waiting for Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his glad advent) must be the symbol of righteousness, virtuousness and Islamic manners. It goes without saying that the Imam Mahdi’s real followers always continue his way through their suitable deeds and behaviors. There are so many narrations in this regard. Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) states: “He who chooses the believers’ way of life, should wait and seek to avoid sinful deeds and possess good manner. Then, if he dies (in this manner) and Imam comes, he will be rewarded like the one who has met Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his glad advent) in his lifetime. So, do your best and keep waiting for him. May it be enjoyable for you! The ones who have been blessed by the divine bestowal.” One of the most outstanding attributes of the real believer is his belief in Imam Mahdi and is constantly waiting for him. Consequently; the one’s waiting who is not sure about Imam’s advent and denies it, will signify nothing. Certainly, campaigning against corruption and development of just systems the world over will be among Imam’s important aims. Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) states: “ Good for the ones who wait for Imam Mahdi (May God Hasten his glad advent). The ones who are waiting for him at the time of his occultation. They will obey Imam and follow him when he appears. They are real believers” .The ones who would wait for Imam Mahdi are considered as Martyr or Mojahid(a person who fight for God & religion). We hope that someday our dear Imam (God hasten his glad advent) will appear and lighten the eyes of those believers who are waiting for him by his illuminating face. Amen

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