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(The Secret of Longevity(Imam Mahdi

Introducing the Criticism: We said that others criticize the belief of Shiites about Mahdi from the past that: If he is the son of Imam Hassan Askari and was born in the year 255 after Hijrah from his mother Narjis and is still alive then he is more than thousand years old now, while:

Neither our daily observations show us people with this old age!

Nor today’s science accepts that!

Nor it has historical example!

Study and Research:

We agree the criticizers in this matter that normal and ordinary ages which we usually see are not more than one-hundred years, and rarely reaches one-hundred and twenty years, and in out time, people who have reached one-hundred and fifty or sixty are considered as exceptions in the world.1

But it is not possible to suffice to these matters for a scientific discussion and research about the matter of the longevity and

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The author of Eqdud-Durar (chapter two) narrates from Abul Hassan Malaki who narrates from Huzaifa-ibn-Yaman that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.) said:

'If a single day remains from the age of this world then Allah will raise a man from my progeny whose name will be the same as my name and his Impression will be the same as mine and his agnomen is Abu Abdullah. People would swear allegiance to him between Rukn and Maqaam.....

In section two, chapter four of the afore-said book, its author narrates from Abu Dawoud (from his book of 'Sunan'), Tirmidhi (from his book of 'Jama'e'), Ahmad (from his book of 'Musnad'), Ibn-Maaja (from his book of 'Sunan'), Baihaqi (from 'Be'sath-wa-Nushoor') and some others who narrate from Umm-Salma that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.A.) said: At the time of a Caliph's death discord will arise and a man from Medina will flee towards Mecca. Some of the inhabitants of Mecca will approach him and will send him out (while not being satisfied) and will swear allegiance to him between Rukn and Maqaam....

Author says: The appendix of the tradition refers to Mahdi.

In chapter five of the afore-said book, the author narrates from Abu Abdullah Na'eem-ibn-Hemad (from the book 'Fatan') who narrates from Abdullah-ibn-Masoud a lengthy tradition mentioning therein Sufyani's uprising and Mahdi's emergence from Medina towards Mecca and his allegiance until he reaches to the point where he says: 'Mahdi will sit between Rukn and Maqa

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The Anti-Christ in the Bible

The theory of being Anti-Christ of the Popes was spread gradually by three ancient groups namely Albigenses, Waldenses and Fratcellis between 11th and 16th centuries. Yet, whether are these [Popes] the interpreters whom Christian churches must intake the real interpretations of the prophecies of?

Esmael Nematollahi


In all Abrahamic Religions the subject matter of antichrist appearance in the Apocalypse has been mentioned. But the questions of “who this Antichrist is” “what features he has” “how he will re-appear and so on, are the issues which there are less agreed on by them. What will be following are translations from the paragraphs beneath the entry of Antichrist in the Catholic Encyclopedia. This review article gives us comprehensive information about the biblical views over Antichrist and the relatives. With appreciation from our respectful translator and Mr. Hossein Tofighi who accepted the responsibility of edition and correction of this translation we are here below presenting following article.

Prefix “ANTI” when is composed with other words may contain different meanings: Antibasileus means the king who is elapsing an incubation period; Antistrategos means the governor consul (province governor in ancient Rome). Anthypatos in ancient Rome was being used for General Governor

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Mahdi, the Promised, in Torah

The verses concerning the Redeemer have barely been mutilated and embezzled by the adversaries, among the holy scriptures of Judaism.

Some people have considered this action as a result of intense trend to the Redeemer issue, as ‘Harambam’ (Moshe Ben Meymun) one of the grandee and majors of Judaism says:

“Any Jew, who doesn’t believe in Massiahorantidates his arrival, actually controverts the remarks of Moses and other prophets of the Israelites. (1)

Some others though consider that neutrality and lack of nonintervention of these verses in Jewish rabbis’ and governors’ daily life is the main reason to their immunity against mutilation.

Some people believe that the factor which has kept them united during their whole mutable history is their faith in the arrival of the Redeemer, while some others consider this –relative immunity of the verses about End of the Time- as a divine miracle.

Whatever the reason would be, the conclusion is that we witness lots of phrases which appertain to the End of the Time, signs, and the Redeemer himself and even in some scriptures such as the Book of Psalms; one third of the book includes issues about End of the Time and signs of the Redeemer.

A number of these verses imply the arrival of prophet Jesus (PBUH) and corresponds to him very much. But analyzing the form and content of some antiquity verses, we encounter cases which incredibly and completely match with the issues concerning the Shia Redeemer, Imam Mahdi the Great (May God accelerate his arrival) in such case that there would be no doubt for any just human.

Among the quintet sections of Torah, in the Book of Genesis we have:

“God inspired to Abraham and said: I grant this earth to thy seed (generation), all of this earth before thouwill be granted to thee and thy seed forever.”(2)

Verses such as this has caused some Jews to consider the whole earth as their patrimony and according to the Zionistic thoughts extracted from these verses, invasion to other lands is allowed.

And in another case,addressing Abraham (PBUH) we have:

“I’ll extremely fecundate thou and make a large generation of thee; Kings will be born of thy seed.

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The Philosophy of Long Occultation

We said that another question which is asked about the belief of Shiites about Mahdi (as) is the issue of his long occultation which is asked after accepting the matter of long life and that is:

?Why doesn’t Mahdi rise while corruption and oppression are available enough in the world
?Why doesn’t he move the world toward justice by his rise
How long should we sit and watch the scenes of oppression and bloodshed of a bunch of criminals
?Why has his occultation lasted so long
?In fact, what is he waiting for
?And finally, what is the secret of this long occultation

But it should be considered that although, this question is being asked from Shiites about the issue of occultation but it is recognized by a little notice that others also have a share of that; it means that, it points to other believers of the advent of a great universal peacemaker who should rise some day and fills the earth with justice in another form, however, the don’t accept the beliefof 
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The author 'Eqdud -Durar' (chapter two) narrates from Jabir-ibn-Yazid Tuafi a lengthy tradition from Imam Muhammad Baqir where after mentioning the signs of Mahdi's emergence and the sinking of Sufyani's army he said: Sufyani will dispatch troops to Medina as a result of which Mahdi will flee towards Mecca.

News of Mahdi's flight will reach Sufyani's commanders who will send an army in pursuit of - Mahdi but they will fail to find him until Hazrat will enter Mecca in a state of fear and will await as per the 'Sunnah' of Musa-ibn-Imran.....

The author of 'Esaaf-ur-Raghebeen' (on page 150) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.A.) said: 'Discord will arise at the time of a Caliphs death. A man will flee from Medina to Mecca. Some of the inhabitants of Mecca will approach him and Will send him out for allegiance (while not being satisfied) and will swear allegiance to him between Rukn and Maqaam. An army would be dispatched in their direction from Syria which would sink in the ground of 'Baidah' which is between Mecca and Medina.

The author of 'Yanabi-ul-Muwadda' Con page 431) has narrated from the author of 'Jawahar al-Aqdain' who has narrated from Ibn-Dawoud who has narrated from Imam Ahmad and Hafiz Baihaqi the afore-mentioned Tradition.

The author of Yanabi-ul-Muwadda (on page 448) narrates from the author of Fara'ed-us-Semtain who narrates from Hassan-ibn-Khalid a tradition from Ali-ibn- Moosa Ridha (A.S.) about Mahdi's occultation and the fact that he is the fourth from his progeny until he says: Mahdi is the same one with regards to whom a caller will call out from the heavens and all the inhabitants of earth will hear the call as such:

Be aware that Allah's representative has emerged in the House of Allah. Follow him as truth is with him.



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(The Story of Slave trader (Bushr –ibn- Sollomon Nakas)

There are some connections between Imam Mahdi (PbuH) and Christ, in several aspects. One of these connections is his honorable mother.

It is cited from Prophet Mohammad (PbuH) that:

“Mahdi is one of my descendants. His face shines like bright moon. His color is Arabic and his stature is Israeli.”

It is implied in this quotation that Mahdi inherits from his mother the stature traits of Israelis.

Shiite records emphasize that the mother of Imam Mahdi is lady “Melika” who hided her true name and were called and renowned by the name of “Narjes”. She is from one of royal families of Byzantine empire.

In this part we recite what Mr. Saeed Ayub has written is his valuable book, “The Idea of Anti-Christ” which is relevant to the subject:

_“The party which faces Anti-Christ, his followers and heretic me

n of church, is Islam. The leader of this party is the promised Mahdi.

Prophet Mohammad (PbuH) said: “Mahdi is my namesake.”_

Does the bearer of this name conforms whit the name which is mentioned in Gospel whit....

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Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and the longevity – Part 1

The 12th Imam and longevity

This much longevity isn’t usual among of world’s people. These days longevity is a common subject ( a solved problem) because these latest years and decades we face people’s  name who are 150-250 years old in magazines and newspapers.

In our point of view the 12th Imam longevity isn’t a problem; it’s just a surprising subject.

The 12th Imam was born in Shaban 15th (256 h.g) which is confirmed by all the Shia scientists and most Sunni scientists. This article checks this subject from Shia’s books by considering verses and traditions from Prophet Mohammad and also it’s considering this subject  in aspect of science and wisdom.

According to traditions the advent of the 12th Imam will be in end of the world who develops justice in all over the world. He is the child of Imam Hasan Askari ( the 11th Imam ) and was born in Shaban 15th ( 256 H.G). This fact confirmed by all Shia and most Sunni scientists. The fact of this discussion is that God’s reserve has longevity till now. He has a longevity more than 1150 years.

Yes; in our point of view the 12th Imam longevity isn’t a problem; it’s just a surprising matter but Shia opponents see this surprising matter as a problem and exaggerate that till using his longevity as a reason for denying him. We’re responsible to define public opinions to avoid the opponents’ ideas.

The history of longevity

It’s a few more than 10 centuries went past after the first time of the 12th Imam longevity that call as a problem. From that day Imamates’ opponents always exacerbate the 12th Imam longevity.

Divide the Shia books

The Shia scientists’ writing and works particularly can divide into two groups:

The first groups are the works which wrote before 370 H.G.

The second groups are the works which wrote after the mention date.

In first groups there aren’t any impression of the 12th Imam life time was usual ( natural) till this time because there wasn’t any question in that time public opinion.

The Basar Aldarajat by Mohammad Ebn Hasan Safar Ghomi ( death 290 H.G ); Kafi by Sheikh Koleini Razy ( death 329 H.G); Shahro Al Akhbar Fi Fazael Aeme Athar by Ghazi Noman Ebn Mohammad Tamimi Maghrebi ( death 363 H.G) and Alghaybe book by Mohammad E      bn Ebrahim Noamani ( known by Ebn Abi Zeinab ) who is (was) Sheikh Koleini’s  best student. These are the writing of this period.

However the last scientist’s death isn’t determined but is understandable that because he didn’t mention anything about the 12th Imam Longevity problem so there wasn’t any question from this aspect in Islamic society’s public opinion;  And probably because of this he didn’t mention anything. We can guess his death probably was before 375 H.G. because the longevity problem mentioned in the end of 4th century H.G and scientists object it in this period.


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What will Prophet Isa’s (pbuh) role be during the return of Imam Mahdi

According to hadiths, after the return of Imam Mahdi (aj), Prophet Isa (pbuh) will descend onto the earth by the will of Allah (swt), and will pray behind the imam (aj) as one of his companions in everyone’s presence.[1]

 The prophet of Islam (pbuh) has been narrated saying: “By the one who sent me as the true giver of glad tidings, if even only one day remains for the life of this world, Allah (swt) will make that day so long so that my son, [Imam] Mahdi will emerge; Isa, “the spirit of God” will reveal and pray behind him, the world then will shine with the light of its Lord, and the government of [Imam] Mahdi will stretch from the East to the West.”[2]

Since many are followers of Prophet Isa (pbuh) and believe him to be the savior and peacemaker of the world, when they witness such a scene, they will become followers of Imam Mahdi (aj) and believe in him. This matter can be considered one of the things that will factor into his victory and universal rise.[3]

For further information, see:

1- The signs of after Imam Mahdi’s (aj) rise, Question 3006 (website: 3578).


[1] Muqaddas Shafe’i, Aqdul-Durar, pg. 292.

[2] Sheikh Saduq, Kamalul-Din, pg. 163, quoted by: Abdul-Rahman Ansari, Dar Entezare Khorshid.

[3] With help from Question 3006 (website: 3578).



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In The Name of god

To adhere to the line of Imam Al-Mahdi(aj.) is to adhere to Islam

masjid jamkaran

was the anniversary of the birth of Imam Al-Mahdi (aj.); the day of light that illuminated all times and the man who would fill the earth with justice having been filled with oppression and wrong-doing. In these blessed days, where the light of guidance penetrates into our hearts reminding us of our great responsibilities towards Islam, the Muslims and the whole world, following the example of the Prophet(p.) who opened up on the whole world.

Imam Al-Mahdi’s message is none but that of the Prophet(p.), and his role is a part of the Messenger(p.)’s role. To associate with the Imam is to believe in Islam and adhere to its teachings and rules.

 The Members of the Household(p.) do not want us to establish a personal relationship with them but rather a relationship that is based on the message of Islam. That is why Allah tells us in the Glorious Quran: “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Apostle of Allah and the last of the Pro

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Omary as his deputy for a while. He was from his paternal tribe and was the reliable person to him. Imam through him answered the shi’ites questions. After Othman Ibn-e Sa’eed, his son Mohammad Ibn-e Othman Omary was appointed as Imam’s deputy. When he passed away, Abul Qasim Hossein Ibn-e Ruh Nobakhti was Imam’s special deputy, and after him, Ali Ibn_e Mohammad Samary was Imam’s deputy. Some days before Samary’s death (Which occurred in 329 AH), Imam informed him that he woul
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He will come

...We are waiting

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The Beginning of the Belief in the Mahdi

A Glance at the Translator’s Introduction

The translation of this important book would have been impossible without the need on my part to respond to those who have attributed to me false notions and ideas which are neither part of my personal faith nor of my academic research. At no point have I entertained, even in error, opinions that cannot be ascertained in the written primary sources of the Twelver Shiism. Every piece of document used to write my academic research is meticulously investigated and critically evaluated in the light of the teachings of the Qur’an and the authentic traditions of the Ahl-ul-Bayt. It is remarkable that Ayatollah Amin’s Dadgustar-i jihan, which I have rendered in English under the title of: Al-Imam al-Mahdi: The Just Leader of Humanity, gives the believer a detailed description of the belief in the twelfth Imam, whose chronological development based on historical study of the sources I have examined in Islamic Messianism: The Idea of Mahdi in Twelver Shiism. More remarkable is the fact that even when Ayatollah Amini and I have approached the subject with strikingly different method of investigation, we have reached the same conclusion regarding the belief about the 

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IN THE NAME OF GOD OF jesus and muhammad and moses

Reappearance of Imam Mahdi

Imam Mahdi is a divine figure who is on occultation and will reappear at the end times to establish justice in the world. He will establish a just government and will prepare the grounds for man’s perfection in all dimensions. There are many traditions (hadith) handed down both by Sunni and Shia scholars regarding his occultation and reappearance. According to many traditions the Imam will reappear at a time when the world is full of oppression and suppression. He will reappear to save the world from oppression and establish justice.

Also there are some traditions on the way of his governance. Some of the features of his government are discussed below.

Salman Farsi quotes the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as saying: “O people! Didn’t I preach you for Mahdi?”‌ they replied: “Yes!”‌ He then said: Bear in mind that the Almighty God will rise a righteous and judge man in my Ummah who will establish justice and equity in the entire world at a time when it is overwhelmed with oppression. He is the ninth son of my grandson Hussein (A.S). His name and sobriquet is the same as mine (Nour Software).

Imam Mahdi (AJ) will undoubtedly have a comprehensive plan on his reappearance. His plan will include programs and strategies to eradicate oppression and establish justice and peace. During his rule the people will live in peace and brotherhood.

Imam Mahdi Will Follow Holy Prophet’s Method

Commenting on Imam Mahdi’s method of governance, Imam Sadiq (A.S) says: “He will act like the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and follows his method. He destroys every oppressive system as the Holy Prophet demolished the foundation of ignorance era and establishes Islam from the very beginning based on the teachings of the Holy Prophet. [2

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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In numerous traditions, it is stated that the term BaqiyatAllah in verse 86 of Surah Hud is a reference to the person of Imam Mahdi (A.S) or some of the other Imams (A.S). For example, the book IkmÁl al-Din narrates the following from Imam Baqir (A.S): The first words which the Mahdi (A.S) will speak after his rise will be this verse: “‘What remains of Allah’s provision is better for you, should you be faithful…”He will then say: I am the BaqiyatAllah and his proof and his caliph amongst you. After that, no one will greet him except that he will say:  Peace be upon you oh BaqiyatAllah Fe Arzeh. ( (اَلسَّلامُ عَلَیْکَ یا بَقِیَّةَ اللّهِ فِی أَرْضِه )

In regards to the verses of the Qur’an, it is true that while a verse may have been revealed in regards to a specific situation, it can also pertain in a general sense to other issues as well. This can extend and apply even in to other centuries in regards to various issues which are general in nature. It is correct that the aforementioned verse is specifically referring to the people of Shuaayb and the term BaqiyatAllah is referring to lawful divine benefit; yet at the same time, anything or anyone that is beneficial from God can also be considered as BaqiyatAllah. All of the prophets and divine leaders are a form of BaqiyatAllah. All of the truthful leaders who fight against the enemies of humanity can be considered as a form of BaqiyatAllah, this similarly applies to the soldiers and fighters who strive in such a path.

Since Imam Mahdi (A.S) is the last leader and his battle will be the final revolution in the history of mankind, it makes sense that the term BaqiyatAllah applies to him and he is indeed worthy of such a title. In addition, he is what remains of the Prophet (PBUH) and the rest of the Imams (A.S).

Source: Makarem.ir

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