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why i am a shia muslim

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why i am a shia muslim

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The Philosophy of Long Occultation

We said that another question which is asked about the belief of Shiites about Mahdi (as) is the issue of his long occultation which is asked after accepting the matter of long life and that is:

?Why doesn’t Mahdi rise while corruption and oppression are available enough in the world
?Why doesn’t he move the world toward justice by his rise
How long should we sit and watch the scenes of oppression and bloodshed of a bunch of criminals
?Why has his occultation lasted so long
?In fact, what is he waiting for
?And finally, what is the secret of this long occultation

But it should be considered that although, this question is being asked from Shiites about the issue of occultation but it is recognized by a little notice that others also have a share of that; it means that, it points to other believers of the advent of a great universal peacemaker who should rise some day and fills the earth with justice in another form, however, the don’t accept the beliefof Shi’a about longevity and occultation.

Because this question could be asked that why that great universal peacemaker is not born yet and if he is born then why doesn’t he rise and waters the thirsty world with justice? Therefore, it is a big mistake to only criticize Shi’a about this belief.

And in other words, there is no doubt that the issue of longevity (previous discussion) and the issue of the philosophy of existence of imam during the occultation (next discussion) are question which are pointed only to Shiites, but the matter of delay in his advent is the issue which all those who believe in the advent of that great universal peacemaker should think about that why the great advent doesn’t happen by readiness of the world? (Attention!)

Anyway, this question has a short answer and an explained one; its short answer is that solely the existence of a competent revolutionary leader is not enough for establishment of a multidimensional revolution and public readiness is also necessary; and unfortunately, the world is not ready for accepting such government yet and when it becomes ready, his rise is certain!

But the explanation is that:
Firstly, it should be considered that - as we mentioned before - the plan of the rise of Mahdi uses natural tools and means, like the plan of the rise of all divine prophets, and it is never based upon miracles; miracles are exceptions and are not included in progress of reformist plans of divine leader, except in exceptional cases.

Accordingly, all prophets used modern weapons, teaching competent persons, necessary consultations, designing effective plans, studied military tactics and totally providing any kinds of material and spiritual facilities for reaching their goals; and didn’t wait for a miracle everyday to defeat the enemies or in order to encourage the friends for advancing more in the way of perfection.

Therefore, the plan of government of truth and justice in the world should be established by the use of necessary material and spiritual means, except in exceptional cases.

In other words, Mahdi (as) doesn’t bring new religion with him, but he executes divine plans, which are not executed. His prophecy is not only imparting, warning, teaching, training, advising and admonishing. His prophecy is executing all principles that end oppression, injustice and discrimination under the shadow of government of science and belief, and certainly execution of this plan is not possible without readiness and preparations.

Secondly, it is clear according to the above essential principle that hwy we say the existence of this readiness is not proved yet; because, at least, some kinds of readiness are needed for this matter:

(Preparedness for Acceptance (Mental Preparedness

The people of the world should understand the bitterness of this inharmonious conditions and injustices enough.

The people of the world should feel the incapability and incompleteness of human laws for execution of social justice.
The people of the world should understand this truth that only material principles and relations won’t solve problems of the world and available execution assurances and regulations made by humans, but problems become more congested every day and more complicated like an endless clew.

The people of the world should feel that current crises are the results of current systems; and finally, these systems are incapable of solving the crises.

The people of the world should feel that new principles and systems are needed, which depend on human values, faith, human affections and moralities, for reaching this great goal not only harsh, soulless, incomplete material principles.

The people of the world should reach the stage of growth that understand the advancement of technology doesn’t necessarily means the advancement of humanity and providing happiness for humans; but advanced technology can assure happiness only if it is installed under supervision of series of spiritual and human principles, otherwise - as we have seen many times - will cause catastrophe and destruction.

The people of the world should recognize that if industries become idols then current problems will become bigger and it increases the amount of destruction and harmful effects of wars; but they should become the tools under the control of competent humans.

Finally, the people of the world should become thirsty and until they are not thirsty they won’t search for water streams.

And in other words, until there is no demand in the people of the world, offering no kind of corrective plan will be useful and effective; that the law of “demand and offer” should be more considered in social issues as it is interested in financial issues.

This question is asked that what should cause this condition of thirst and demand.

We answer: a part of that should be made by the pass of time and it is not possible without that, but another part depends on teaching and training; it should become practical by intellectual resurrection which is made by faithful thinkers and responsible aware persons of society.
At least, they should give this knowledge and understanding with their human-maker programs to the people of the world that essential problems of the world won’t be solved by available principles, laws and methods. And anyhow, it also needs time.

Cultural and Industrial Evolution

Gathering all the people of the world, dethroning the tyrants in everywhere, expanding education at its maximum level in all stages, clearing this matter completely that difference of language, race, and geographical region and like that is not a reason for the people of the world not to live in a family like brothers and life in peace, justice and brotherhood, and providing a healthy and enough economy for all the humans needs cultural growth and advancement of human knowledge on the one hands, and evolution of industrial equipments on the other hand; equipments which can connect all parts of the world very fast, close and permanently, which it is not possible without the pass of time, either.

!How is it possible for a government to control the entire world if connections are slow

How is it possible to rule the world by the equipments, which need one or some years for sending a message to faraway parts of the world!
It is understood from a part of narratives, which picture the lifestyle of the people of the world at the time of Mahdi(as), - and we will discuss about it completely later, God willing - that the advancement of technology and industries, especially transmissions and communications, in that time is in the way that large continents of the world practically become as some neighbor cities; and even the East and the West will be considered as one home; the problem of the time and place will be completely solved.

Albeit, it is possible that some of these matters happen in that time in the form of an industrial revolution, but anyway, a scientific preparedness is needed as the background at the beginning of this age.

Training a Revolutionary Strike Force
Finally, a group of people, although in minority, is needed to form the core of the army of that great peacemaker.
Flowers should grow among this burning hell to be the beginning of a flower garden; saplings should be grown in this heath in order to promise the spring for the others.
Extraordinary aware, brave, compassionate, devoted persons should be trained for this act, although generations pass one after another for this purpose, until the main reservations appear and main members of the revolution are gathered, and it also need time.
?But, who should take the responsibility of training these persons
We should know that it is upon that great leader who executes such plan directly or indirectly (for explanation about this matter will be mentioned in the next discussion, god willing).

In Islamic narratives, one of the reasons of long occultation is said to be the issue of public examination and choosing the most competent one, which maybe points to this subject.

Explanation: Divine human examinations are not like the examination for measuring the abilities of the one who is being examined, but they are for training the talents and disclosing the abilities and separating the rows from each other.

And in other words, their goal is training, evolution or preparing; because unlimited knowledge of God about everything removes any kind of goal of measuring from the examinations.

?Totally, this discussion cleared that why the occultation of Mahdi should be so long


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