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why i am a shia muslim

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why i am a shia muslim

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?Who Are the Companions and the Helpers of Imam Mehdi


The Companions of Imam Mahdi:

The companions of Imam Mehdi are special people with exceptional talents, who join Imam Mehdi in the first hours after his appearance. They form the primary core for the international battle of Imam Mehdi. They are the people who both start Imam Mehdi’s battle with their presence, and become the advisers and ministers of him after the victory of the battle and they will be responsible for a lot of tasks then. Imam Mehdi will conquer the world with their help and he will establish justice all over the world.

These people are called “The Companions of Imam Mehdi”‌ in the sayings of Imams. They, in comparison to the other followers of Imam Mehdi, have a superior position and are more honored. They will also have more important and more sensitive duties in the government of Imam Mehdi.

The Helpers of Imam Mehdi:

The helpers of Imam Mehdi are among those who support him after his appearance and they join his army. This means all the people who join Imam Mehdi after the battle starts. There are three groups among the helpers that join the army of Imam Mehdi gradually:

1. The first group consists of those who join Imam Mehdi after he appears and the news of his battle reach Mecca. After Imam Mehdi appears and these people join him, he starts his battle and leaves Mecca for Medina.

2. The second group consists of all the believers, who join the army of Imam Mehdi in the way and fight against the enemies of God.

3.The third group consists of the forces and armies that join Imam Mehdi from far and close places in order to fight against the army of Sofiani and to support Imam Mehdi’s battle.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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