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why i am a shia muslim

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why i am a shia muslim

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( Who is imam hussain )

The third Shia Imam

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(With the ship Noah (PBUH) till ship Hussein (PBUH

(World Zionism)

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People of Kufa wrote letters to Imam Hosein and invited him to their city to be their leader but when Hosein arrived, people wore their battle clothes, and surrounded Hosein and his family, and did not let them drink water ... Hosein's Brother, Abbas , went into enemies, killed many and filled the water-skin, but in return, yazid's army shoot rain of arrows toward him, and cut his both hands ... when Imam Hosein came on his body, Abbas asked his brother not to bring back his body because he do not want to be shameful in front of thirsty 

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    Death with dignity is better than a life of humiliation

                                      In the name of god

After his death, the women and children from Hussain’s party were taken captive. His sister, Zainab, took up the mantle of leadership of the small band, and gave speech after speech condemning the actions of Yazid and his government, culminating in a confrontation in the ruler’s own court. Zainab was perhaps the first person to be inspired by Hussain’s stand, using it as a catalyst for change. She refused to be subdued and put her fear to one side so she could hold to account those responsible for the moral decay of society.Despite the pervasive sexism of society at the time, Zainab managed to lead and inspire both men and women. Hussain’s example, that one man can stand alone against an army of thousands, inspired her to the point where she castigated and berated a murderous dictator in his own palace, laying the foundations for the eventual overthrow of  the Ummayid dynasty.Today millions of people pay homage to Hussain ibn Ali for his stand and annually mourn the tragic Battle of Karbala in which Hussain, his family and loyal companions were brutally killed one by one. Pilgrims from all walks of life visit the Imam Hussain shrine to pay their respects in the city of Karbala, Iraq,

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AL-Hussein Ibn Ali’s Biography

 In the house of the Holy Prophet, which presented the best image of both the worlds - the heavenand the earth - a child who benefited humanity as if he was Divine Impression reflecting the earth,was born on one of the nights of the month of Shaban. His father was Imam Ali, the best model ofkindness towards his friends and the bravest against the enemies of Islam, and his mother wasHazrat Fatimah, the only daughter and child of the Holy prophet who had as universally

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