...we are waiting

why i am a shia muslim

...we are waiting

why i am a shia muslim

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22 June 15 ، 15:37

Place Of mahdi’s Emergence


The author 'Eqdud -Durar' (chapter two) narrates from Jabir-ibn-Yazid Tuafi a lengthy tradition from Imam Muhammad Baqir where after mentioning the signs of Mahdi's emergence and the sinking of Sufyani's army he said: Sufyani will dispatch troops to Medina as a result of which Mahdi will flee towards Mecca.

News of Mahdi's flight will reach Sufyani's commanders who will send an army in pursuit of - Mahdi but they will fail to find him until Hazrat will enter Mecca in a state of fear and will await as per the 'Sunnah' of Musa-ibn-Imran.....

The author of 'Esaaf-ur-Raghebeen' (on page 150) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.A.) said: 'Discord will arise at the time of a Caliphs death. A man will flee from Medina to Mecca. Some of the inhabitants of Mecca will approach him and Will send him out for allegiance (while not being satisfied) and will swear allegiance to him between Rukn and Maqaam. An army would be dispatched in their direction from Syria which would sink in the ground of 'Baidah' which is between Mecca and Medina.

The author of 'Yanabi-ul-Muwadda' Con page 431) has narrated from the author of 'Jawahar al-Aqdain' who has narrated from Ibn-Dawoud who has narrated from Imam Ahmad and Hafiz Baihaqi the afore-mentioned Tradition.

The author of Yanabi-ul-Muwadda (on page 448) narrates from the author of Fara'ed-us-Semtain who narrates from Hassan-ibn-Khalid a tradition from Ali-ibn- Moosa Ridha (A.S.) about Mahdi's occultation and the fact that he is the fourth from his progeny until he says: Mahdi is the same one with regards to whom a caller will call out from the heavens and all the inhabitants of earth will hear the call as such:

Be aware that Allah's representative has emerged in the House of Allah. Follow him as truth is with him.



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