...we are waiting

why i am a shia muslim

...we are waiting

why i am a shia muslim

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18 April 15 ، 13:20

(we love prophet MUHAMMAD(PBUH

we love prophet MUHAMMAD(PBUH) and prophet JESUS (PBUH

JESUS a prophet of Islan


In the name of Allah, 
All of the prophets and messengers from God have risen only for the same purpose.
There is no difference amongst of teachings of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (pbuthem).
The Extremism is absolutely condemned by every gentle and large-minded man around the world
We consider the ZIONISM, as the main enforcer of all these seditions.  
ISIS and the other similar groups are actually very useful for ZIONISOM not for ISLAM, and the function of Al- Qaeda and other similar groups is not the same with the Prophet Muhammad's character sketch
.We loathe of the ZIONISOM, in the same way, we loathe of all TAKFIRIS

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