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why i am a shia muslim

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why i am a shia muslim

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21 April 15 ، 21:45

Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith

1 - Hypocrites are characterized by three features: telling lies, reneging on promises, breaching of trust.

2 - The most hateful thing to Allah among those lawful ones is divorce.

3 - Oh, Adam’s descendant! If you have a healthy body and a peaceful mind, and can afford your livelihood for one day , don’t worry about anything else!

4 - Oh, Adam’s descendant! You have within your reach whatever meets your needs, whereas you are seeking things that develop disobedience in you, you do not choose contentment, and nothing, however abundant, can satisfy you.

5 - Avoid the curse of the opressed, since they seek adjudication from Allah and He will never let them down & deny them their rights.

6 - Refrain from using unlawfully obtained construction materials in your building, for they will ruin it.

7 - Fear the believer’s insight, for in seeing things, he is assisted by the light of Allah.

8 - He who grants a respite to his debtor or cancels his debt will be in heaven on the Day of Judgement.

9 - Fear the curse of the oppressed for it spreads up as the flames of fire.

10 - God punishes man for two sins in this world: injustice and ungratefulness towards parents.

11 - Whoever from among you is more valiant to take solemn oath is nearer to the Hell.

12 - Be moderately wordly minded; since everybody shall receive whatever is apportioned to him by fate.

13 - To God, the best act is timely prayer, then right conduct towards parents, then struggle in the way of God.

14 - To God, the most popular servants are unknown pious ones.

15 - To God. The best act is the one which is more lasting, however scanty that might be.

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