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why i am a shia muslim

...we are waiting

why i am a shia muslim

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How often thi

s thought passes through some mind and rather how often it is pronounced though some tongue that if fear from enemies is the cause of Mahdi's occultation then how would this fear be obviated considering that day by day various powers and arms are on the rise! ?

How would it be possible for Mahdi to face these powers and aims which have filled the land and sea and would tighten the sphere on the day of his emergence without Mahdi having any access to any of those weapons because of lack of adequate supporters and ample means!?

In reply we say: It's possible that the incidents which are about to take place in this world and the probable events may actually occur which could be amongst the strongest means of Mahdi's emergence and a medium for doing away with his occultation until he really emerges.

In number he may become like one of the ruling powers and thereafter he would strive in strengthening and increasing his powers and weapons.

Firstly, amongst the events which is not improbable is this that the moral and spiritual reforms perfection of training and literary and material sciences in some classes of people and rather in all of them will prevail over a special class. Thus when Mahdi emerges and proclaims his plans and announces the Islamic teachings for which he would rise and that particular class witnesses his truthfulness, trustworthiness and resoluteness they would become submissive towards Hazrat. They will assist him in Jihad and become obedient to him and will give him the reins of the government. A large number of people would obey him and become submissive to him such that one cannot treat them with contempt. The same had occurred for his great grand-father, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.) since a large number of people had brought faith in him due to his virtuous aim and objective just as the incident of 'Najashi' (Negus) bears witness to this fact.

Secondly: Before Mahdi's emergence, multitude of people will gather together and call the others towards Mahdi. They will take pledge (from them) for the victory of the day of his emergence. It is likely that the emergence of preachers in common gatherings and the distribution of those things for which Mahdi will uprise namely exercising of worldly, spiritual, social and individual reforms are amongst the strongest means for, the preparation of multitude of people for Mahdi's emergence.

As mentioned before, the main motive of awaiting Mahdi's emergence is preparing and making ready the rudiments and necessities of Hazrat's emergence. I can say that Mahdi strives and such endeavour is the responsibility of every reformist who wishes to bring a reform.

Previously it was told to you that Mahdi's occultations does not hinder him from uprising for such kind of affairs.

Thirdly: Break-up of the present world order and every city of the world into smaller states and every ruler of those states will possess independent powers until Mahdi emerges. Cities and governments will have dispersed to such extent that Mahdi too would be like one of them in power and preparedness. He will rise for that which Allah has appointed him and will strive for increasing and perfecting his own power.

Fourthly: The ruling powers will render the people completely submissive and obedient towards themselves and every society and rather every group, individual animal and vegetation will groan day and night due to such a life and state of affair. However he will become restless of the cruel and oppressive system while none would be able to see him. He will beseech and complain but only to his Lord.

Thus when the caller will call out between the heaven and the earth that Allah has obviated oppression from you, has made you successful, has set your freedom and deliverance in Mahdi's hands and Mahdi has emerged in Mecca then multitudes of people will hasten towards Mahdi for the purpose of reform and their own goodness.

 In all probability, the meaning of the tradition saying: Mahdi will not emerge but after the earth has become filled with cruelty and oppression is the same as what we have just said. In short, Mahdi (A.S.) will emerge at the time when people and society will be in due need of a reformist.

Fifthly: The world wars will put the cities out of action and weaken the physical bodies and powers. Thereafter, Mahdi (A.S.) will emerge while from the view- point of number and group, he will be similar to one of those (group of) people. Then, very soon he will swiftly strive to increase and perfect his own powers in addition to those powers and tools which he would avail himself of as a booty.

Sixthly: Some of the Islamic sects will accept Hazrat's call on the day of his emergence and will join the forces of his companions and helpers. They will fight for Mahdi in the battle-field and will swear allegiance to him. In all respects, they will find confidence in him.

Moreover Almighty God will confirm him through the Angels just as He confirmed his great grand-father i.e. the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.). He will confirm Hazrat by Isa-ibn-Maryam's (A.S.) descension the details of which we shall God-willing mention later on.

These were incidents whose occurrence cannot be denied and history too guides us to the occurance of such incidents and bears testimony to this fact that reformists have made use of similar means. Man is not aware of what might occur tomorrow. Verily the events which took place in the 14th century A.H. and 19th century A.D. bears witness to the possibility of occurrence of what we have mentioned. God is All-Aware of what has occurred and what is going to take place in the future.


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